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Getting ghosted by Recruiters during your job search?


Getting ghosted by Recruiters during your job search?

Unprecedented. It’s a word you’ve probably wished to never hear again after the last 2 years. But when it comes to the current state of the job market, it’s a word that pretty accurately depicts the reality of the hiring process. Combine the great resignation, a pandemic, a shortage of tech workers, and an assortment of other things, and you have a perfect storm of chaos. And if you are looking for a new opportunity in the tech industry, there is a high chance you have been ghosted by a recruiter.  You will be waiting for your phone to ring or refreshing your inbox hoping to hear about a job, only to be met with silence.

What is ghosting?

“Ghosting” is slang for ending communication and contact with another person without warning or justification. In the hiring process, ghosting holds a similar meaning. It means that you are no longer receiving updates on the position you applied for. The recruiter or hiring manager will stop the conversation with candidates without sharing any reason and feedback. In fact, a survey by Indeed shows that 77% of job seekers say they’ve been ghosted since the beginning of the pandemic.

Why do recruiters go silent?

The tech job market has never been more competitive. Estimates of unemployment rates for tech workers are about 1.7 percent, compared to roughly 4 percent in the general economy. Additionally, there are more open jobs than there are qualified tech candidates. Due to historical levels of demand, recruiters have a lot on their plate and unfortunately, this can result in being ghosted during your job search.

Here are some reasons a recruiter may have stopped communicating with you about a position:

1. Internal Obstacles

Some companies experience internal obstacles when hiring a new candidate. Companies can sometimes spend months looking for an ideal candidate. It’s quite common for them to change what they are looking for or remove the role all together. Sometimes, your recruiter might have to wait for these internal obstacles to resolve before they can resume conversations with you.

2. They’re waiting for direction or answers too

Sometimes they don’t have news to share yet. Recruiters act as the middleman between the hiring manager and the applicants, so they might be waiting for an answer from them before getting back to you.


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What can you do when you get ghosted?

If you think a recruiter has ghosted you, here are some steps you can take:

1. Ask for a timeline

Make it a habit to always ask for a timeline on when they expect to move forward. This way, you’re not waiting around for an email or phone call from them. If you’ve been communicating via email, ask them when you can expect to hear from them or the company about the next steps.

2. Ask for feedback

If it’s past the date you expected to hear back from the recruiter or communication has stopped entirely, it’s worth sending a short email to find out what’s happening with the role and get some feedback. Sometimes a small effort can open communication lines for you. If it turns out that the role has been filled or you’re no longer in the running, getting feedback can also provide insight on how you can improve and help you in future opportunities.

3. Play by the Golden Rule

Ghosting works both ways. You don’t like it, and neither do recruiters. According to Indeed, 28% of surveyed job seekers have ghosted an employer. Candidates will suddenly stop replying to emails, no-show for interviews, or even fail to show up to their first day of work.

Treat others as you want to be treated and be mindful of recruiters’ time. Your recruiter will have much more respect for you in the long run if you communicate professionally, preserving your relationship and chances for employment.

4. Don’t get frustrated

There’s no denying that being ghosted for a job you were interested in can be frustrating – and it can dent your confidence. If you did your best, that’s all you can do. Acknowledging you got this far is just one small way to help you build confidence again before moving forward. Try not to take it personally and keep persevering through the job-hunting process.

If you’re in the job market and frustrated by recruiters ghosting you, you’re not alone! We are here to change that experience for you. Our recruiters are ready for a committed, healthy relationship. Just shoot us an email at apply@skillstorm.com. We promise we’re in it for the long-haul!

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