1 Min Read • April 4, 2020

Update CRM Capabilities in an Agile Environment


Our client implements and supports one of the world’s largest customer relationship management (CRM) platforms for a large client base.


Our client was helping a complex Fortune 500 organization update their CRM capabilities and very quickly needed tech talent that had the rare technical certification and soft skills necessary to work in an Agile environment and complete the project.


Because the necessary experience and skills were not available in the open market candidate pool, our Hire, Train, Certify, Deploy program was the right solution for this situation. Our technical recruiting team tapped into their exclusive database of individuals with basic tech skillsets. Our training team designed an immersive program that upskilled select individuals in the CRM technology and assigned training projects that mimicked the work they would be doing with the client with a focus on working in a high stress environment.


Our associates were deployed to our client within the required timeframe and successfully implemented the CRM system.

"Finding tech talent that fits our needs difficult because knowing the technology is only one aspect. We also need people who have the necessary soft skills – interviewing, collaboration, presenting – for a successful project. SkillStorm has shown they can deliver both." - PRINCIPAL PARTNER

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