3 Min Read • September 22, 2020

Why Transitioning Service Members Should Consider a Career in Tech


The thought of transitioning out of the military and into a new civilian career can cause sleepless nights for even the most confident soldiers. Many have questions about how their military training and skills will transfer into jobs and whether hiring managers will understand the skills they have gained in the military. 

For many, a career in the technology field may not seem to be obtainable. However, the reality is there are a multitude of reasons veterans are in-demand in technology.

Soft Skills are becoming increasingly important in tech jobs.

A career in tech no longer means years of sitting in a cubicle staring at a monitor for eight hours a day. While there will still be plenty of time spent at the computer, technology workers now spend a great deal of time interfacing with non-tech departments and working in teams to build software solutions to business problems.

The technology environment today stresses working with others and strong soft skills. Technology companies are also looking for employees with leadership experience. Military experience positions veterans well for these positions.

Clearances are in-demand in tech.

Transitioning members of the military also have another advantage when it comes to Tech jobs, the need for a new generation of Technical workers in the federal space. Many positions in the federal space require a Secret Clearance or higher and transitioning military usually have the Clearance levels that are in demand. The table below demonstrates the need for new Technology talent in the federal space.


why transitioning military members should work in technology



Retiring tech workers widens the skills gap in the federal space.

Think about the looming retirements in the federal government Tech space. With only 6.1 percent of the workforce under the age of 30, and 30 percent over the age of 60, it is not hard to see that there is a critical need for an infusion of younger tech talent in this area. There is also a focus on hiring veterans for these federal technology positions.

Preparation before your transition is key.

It’s vital to start preparing for the future before you leave the military. Doing so will allow you the opportunity to find the right position before your clearance expires. Additionally, preparing will ensure you find a career you want, instead of being pigeon-holed into a job based on need.

Conduct research on the types of career you may be interested in and what a career path may look like. Understanding this will help direct your preparation and planning, and visualize your future in the civilian workforce.  

Remember, the federal government and most private companies are incentivized to hire veterans, but the real attractiveness is in finding a veteran with an active clearance. We see the need for transitioning military in the tech sector, even without any prior IT experience. 

There are many opportunities to pick up skills in everything from Business Analytics to software development in self-paced online programs — many free of charge. These programs can prepare you to earn certifications in the technologies you are studying, in the Tech field certifications are the ticket to good jobs.

At SkillStorm, we have free online training programs that lead to certifications in high-demand technologies such as Object-Oriented Programming, Java, Pega and AWS. Anyone with a certification in these technologies and an active Clearance will be highly sought after in the Tech field. If you are interested in trying these courses, click here.

While not everybody is going to be a good fit for a career in Technology, many will find that they do have the aptitude for this type of work. With the advantages a transitioning service member has, it is worth considering a career in Technology.

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