3 Min Read • June 11, 2021

Why College Students Should Get Tech Certified


As a college student, making yourself as marketable as possible during your time in school is vital to ensure employment upon graduation.  This is especially true for those looking to enter the Tech industry. Some might argue it’s more important for graduates considering this competitive sector.

Gaining an IT certification is a simple way to put yourself ahead of other job seekers. Here are a few reasons why college students should consider getting certified in tech platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Salesforce, and ServiceNOW.

1. Tech certifications show employers you have real-world experience.

The number one complaint of employers is that college students do not have experience beyond a degree in their program. They know theories and how to do assignments but are not sure how to apply their education to concrete skills as they start in the workforce. Choosing a certification in a platform that is used widely by many businesses, will help give you that real-world experience hiring managers are looking for.

2. Certifications broaden your job opportunities.

Obtaining an IT Certification requires no previous degree or specific background. If you’re considering a career outside of your degree or wanting to open up additional job opportunities beyond the traditional “entry-level” tech roles, a tech certification is an easy and inexpensive way to accomplish this. Employers will immediately place you above other candidates because you have made the effort to apply yourself beyond the basics of your degree program.


3. Higher Earning Potential

While some certification courses and exam fees can be a bit of a stretch on the average college budget, the earning potential is worth the investment. Earning a certification in an industry has been shown to increase salaries compared to those who are not certified. One study even found that online certifications can increase salaries by 20-40 percent.

A commitment to learning a new skill set in an industry can accelerate career development and put you ahead of the competition in your future employment. Companies will look for the most qualified candidates and a qualification or a certification on your resume can mean the difference in obtaining a higher starting salary in your first job after graduation.

4. You’re setting yourself up for a life-long career.

By the end of this year, the tech industry is expected to reach a $5 trillion market value. Whether you decide to do a certification in CompTIA, AWS, Salesforce, or any other technology or cloud platform, your skills will be relevant to employers for years to come. A certification validates you have mastered industry standards, and are not just competent, but have tested and excelled at the exam.

Taking introductory-level certifications as you start your career in Information Technology will lay the foundation for building a lifelong career. For example, if you want to start a career working in the cloud, the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is a great place to begin, with the AWS Solutions Architect to follow, and eventually working to become a Certified AWS Engineer or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator.

Overall, obtaining a certification broadens and increases your professional skills. If you aren’t sure what certification is right for you, check out our blog for tips on how to choose the right certification to accelerate your career.  or email ITCert@skillstorm.com and an advisor will get in contact with you. We are ready and waiting to answer all your questions! 

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