2 Min Read • October 23, 2020

Why choose a career in Pega?


As technology continues to advance, a career in software developing sounds appealing to more and more people. The next step after choosing to become an application developer is to chose the correct technology to build a career. This step is vital to guarantee a long and successful career. As a 25-plus year veteran of the software industry I highly recommend you look at Pegasystems or Pega for short.

Pega is a customer experience and digital process automation software. It is red hot as encompasses AI, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), dynamic case management, and real-time decisioning/analytics. Because of this and a strong global client base, Pega is forecasting continued growth for the foreseeable future. Since its founding in 1983 Pega has grown steadily for over 35 years and has continued to thrive even during periods of economic downtown including the recession of 2008/2009 and the current situation with the global pandemic. In fact, the pandemic has shown a spotlight on those organizations that have not adopted a digital transformation strategy and has prompted them to move more quickly to bring in Pega based solutions.

Pega has a history of product innovation through internal development as well as acquisitions. They acquired Chordiant back in 2010 which became the foundation for their Customer Decision Hub product aka the always on customer brain. That gave them a major head start on competitors in the AI and Real-time analytics space. Another example occurred in 2016 when Pega acquired OpenSpan which became the core of its Robotic Process Automation solution suite.

Pega currently has a strong set of global partners to support its ecosystem, from very large system integrators to industry specific niche providers who can successfully deliver Pega projects. Pega also has unique partners like SkillStorm that provide well trained and certified resources directly to clients and partners.

When it comes to independent analyst assessments Pega really shines. Pega consistently ranks as a leader in CRM Customer Engagement, Low Code Application platforms, Robotic Process Automation, Sales Force Automation, Real-Time Interaction Management, and Digital Decisioning.

Finally, Pega has a full set of industry certifications from busines architects to system architects, to robotics and decisioning with multiple levels in each category. And because Pega’s software is in demand and used by some of the largest organizations in the world, its salaries for certified resources are higher than other technologies.

Overall, Pega hits the mark on all critical marks that someone considering a career in software development must consider. So, what is stopping you? Go get started on your Pega career today and visit www.SkillStorm.com to learn more about our Pega Certified Development program.


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