2 Min Read • February 14, 2023

What if Companies’ 3 Biggest Tech Talent Problems Have the Same Solution?


As businesses grapple with a tight labor market and an ongoing war for skilled tech-savvy talent, three goals reign supreme: They must recruit new talent, and they must retain and develop their incumbent workers.

A company’s success hinges largely on its ability to bring in and meaningfully engage new workers and ensure that their skills continue to develop. Year after year, these three priorities rank high on the minds of business and talent leaders. At a time when almost every business relies on tech talent and industries from manufacturing to tech are navigating labor shortages, they are more important than ever.

The problem for too many companies is that many business leaders still think of these three priorities as distinct challenges disconnected from their overall workforce advancement strategy. As a result, businesses have to monitor several different programs at once, with different partners, strategies, and teams assigned to supporting separate aspects of this work. The result is often limited progress despite significant investment.

Fortunately, a growing number of companies are recognizing that investments in people are continuous, connected commitments. These priorities do not need to be siloed. Instead, they should support one another.

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