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Top Five Tech Careers to Consider for Transitioning and Ex-Military


With tremendous teamwork abilities, an entrepreneurial spirit, and amazing agility to pivot in any circumstance, U.S. military service members are resilient and made to work challenging jobs that call for strong leaders. The tech industry is ever-changing and needs leaders with robust soft skills to help advance it, making a career in tech a logical transition for many military members headed into civilian life. 

1. Cyber Security Analyst

Much like the military, cyber security is a mission-driven job with a clear end objective: to keep bad actors away from sensitive information. This is a much different type of combat than service members are used to, but cyber security analysts are still working to keep the enemy away and protect hardware, software, and networks. Similar to the military, a job in cyber security has a defined path to follow. You can move up the ranks one at a time, and with each movement comes an increase in responsibilities and pay, helping to create a clear pathway for career advancement. 

2. Project Manager

The military is a great place to work on leadership and management skills, it creates critical thinkers and cultivates the need for compliance on a project. Transitioning these soft skills that are needed and pairing them with a CompTIA Project+ certification can set you apart from the competition in the job market when looking for a project management role. 

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and solid communication skills are the basis of a strong CRM administrator or developer. Working with CRMs helps to increase efficiency and productivity to create better processes and help the success of the team. Salesforce is an especially important platform for veterans to learn. Not only is Salesforce the most used CRM system in the world, but it also prioritizes employing vets. 

4. Low-Code

Learning a low-code platform, such as Appian, can open many doors. Appian is a global leader in enterprise technology, so having a strong understanding of its low-code environment will help increase marketability. Low-code is a great path for someone who is detail-oriented and appreciates efficiency. Low-code takes long strings of code and simplifies them to create a simpler workflow while accomplishing the same goal. Expanding your low-code knowledge is an excellent way to build a firm foundation for you to grow your tech skills. 

5. Cloud Administrator

Working in the cloud can be a good fit for a transitioning or ex-member of the military. Cloud careers require complex thinking, teamwork, analytical skills, and attention to detail. This is a relatively new field that is ever-changing, and someone looking to pursue a career in the cloud should be very agile and ready to adapt to changes often. If you want to advance your cloud computing skills, AWS is the world’s leading cloud services platform. Growing your AWS knowledge will enhance your professional and increase your chances of standing out to employers.

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