3 Min Read • October 12, 2021

Things That Can Slow the Growth of your Tech Career and How to Avoid Them


Technology has always been a rapidly evolving field. To help your IT career avoid a dead-end, we have provided tips to ensure you’re equipped with the skills employers are searching for.

1. Focusing on Physical Hardware

To keep your career growing in IT, you will need to pivot your skillset. Cloud-based services are on the rise, which leads to hybrid and remote work, reducing the need for physical presence in office. Those who are complacent  are more likely to struggle to remain relevant when compared with those who update skills in modern fields, such as cloud, cyber, etc.

2. Individual Expertise

Remember this: diversify. Just like in life, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It’s safe to say that diversifying your skillset vs. having a single certification will increase your career’s potential growth. As our digital world continues to expand, an IT professional in the past could have used one technological skill for a decade but now that is no longer the case. Although some have found it more rewarding to focus on a specific skill, it also leaves a tech career vulnerable.

3. Lack of Soft Skills

While technical skills are essential, especially in the IT industry, don’t neglect your soft skills. Technical skills are your skillsets that are easily quantifiable. Examples of technical skills in IT are obtaining a degree or certification and knowing your way around computer programming. Tech teams need those who can communicate effectively because there are high levels of collaboration involved, meaning communication is a soft skill you shouldn’t ignore. If you’re interested in the top 5 soft skills IT professionals should have you can read more here.


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4. Adding the wrong certifications to your resume

As the industry expands and certifications become a requirement for many new positions, it is important to stay up to date with new technologies. In fact, 91% of employers believe that IT certifications play a key role in the hiring process and the success of employees. But you don’t want to lose your time, energy and money on obtaining a certification that will be obsolete or will not be relevant to your long-term career goals. Some things to keep in mind, what skills are you lacking and what technologies are on demand?

5. Lack of Networking

With the rapid growth of the IT industry, you will most likely see a lot of job openings that you are qualified for. However, networking will make the difference between finding a job you are qualified for and your dream job with an organization that fits you. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 85 percent of jobs are secured through networking Building the right relationships will give you new perspectives that will help you grow and overall benefit you in the long run.

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