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SkillStorm Fellowship Graduate Testimonial: Anthony D’Angelo


As the tech talent gap continues to grow within the federal space, the demand for a cleared, diverse workforce is more obvious than ever. 

That’s why at SkillStorm, it’s part of our mission to train and certify veterans in high-demand technologies and help them begin their careers in technology.

One of those veterans is SkillStorm Tech Fellow and Graduate, Anthony D’Angelo. We recently sat down to talk with him about his journey from the military into the IT workforce and how joining the program and gaining his Pega CSA and CSSA Certifications have accelerated his career.

Q: Before joining SkillStorm, what were you Career goals? How did you find out about SkillStorm and was tech something you ever considered before this opportunity?

A: My career path before joining SkillStorm was to continue doing logistics after the military. I learned about SkillStorm through Hiring Our Heroes. I submitted my paperwork, they sent out my resume, and then I got the opportunity from SkillStorm. Tech was something I have always been interested in.

Q: How was the recruitment process for you and how did the recruiter help you?

A: I was very skeptical at first with no background in tech. I didn’t think I was right for this position, but she kept following up with phone calls and sharing material to prepare me for my interview. She was very helpful, super enthusiastic and willing to help me get through this because I told her how much I loved tech and she thought I was right for it. Just her support was amazing.

Q: What made you choose our tech program rather than other fellowships that were being offered?

A: What made me choose the SkillStorm Tech Training Fellowship Program was honestly just my interest in tech. It was something that I’ve grown up with my entire life. I was always fascinated by it and when that opportunity presented itself to jump into the world of tech with no background, I couldn’t decline that offer. It was something that was super interesting to me.

Q: What was something that surprised you most about the training?

A: Some of the things that have surprised me the most so far, was how much easier it is than I thought it would be. I thought tech was something that you have to go to school for four years. I thought that I was never going to be able to do it, but as I kept going through it, I realized it was actually pretty easy once you start to understand things and that was really surprising to me.

And just working with the people! Everyone at SkillStorm is awesome, they always bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to work and it’s great to work with them all.

Q: What is the most enjoyable part of the program so far?

A: The most enjoyable parts for me are when we are building all of our projects and those moments where you problem solve and figure things out. You kind of get to lean on everything that they’ve taught you and seeing it happen in front of you is just incredible. It’s an incredible feeling not knowing how to do something and after 12 weeks, knowing all the steps. I just love that feeling of accomplishment.

Q: What are the benefits you have seen from the Tech Fellowship Program?

A: It has completely changed the way I look at things, specifically technology. Before I would go to a website and would never really question how that website was built or how things were functioning on that site. Now I go to a website and I immediately start thinking this might be something that I learned and wonder how they are doing this. It’s just an invaluable skillset. Everyone needs IT! And just having the skill is fantastic for my future.

Q: How would you say your life has changed from before you started the program?

A: My life has changed by the opportunity that I’ve been given. I have a career leaving the military in a field that is highly marketable. I get to use all this knowledge and get paid to do it.

Q: Do you have any advice to someone considering joining SkillStorm’s Tech Training Fellowship Program?

A: The advice I would give to someone new joining the program is don’t give up. Once you start getting into it and you get through the first month or two, things just click and then you start to understand things a lot better. Just don’t quit right away if you feel like it’s difficult.

I am incredibly grateful for SkillStorm and the opportunity I’ve been given. I’m just really excited to see what the future has for me.

At SkillStorm, we hire, train, and deploy hundreds of military veterans and transitioning service members each year just like Anthony —those with and those without prior technology experience. Let us help you put your know-how, clearance, and new tech skills to work solving critical challenges at world-class companies and government agencies. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our Tech Training Programs for transitioning military members, email us at military@skillstorm.com.

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