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Questions You Should be Asking in a Tech Job Interview


Most people know that interviews are one of the most critical factors in obtaining a job. It’s important to make a good impression and show the interviewer that you are qualified, prepared to take on the role, and a good culture fit with the team.

Although the majority of the time will be spent answering the hiring manager’s questions, it’s also important to remember you’re interviewing them as well. Not only will the questions you ask demonstrate your competence, interest in this position, and knowledge of technology and skills, it may also give insight into what you actually want to know about the company (For instance, do they really care about digital transformation or do they just talk about it on their website?).

This means it’s vital to be prepared with set questions.  And while there’s a good chance the conversation during the interview will spark some, it’s still a good practice to research beforehand and have a list prepared and ready to go.

Here are a few questions our recruitment experts like to share with candidates as they prepare to interview with clients.

1. What does the company do to keep up with technological innovations? 

This can give you more insight as a candidate to see how technology-focused and competent the IT Department is. If they are looking to keep updated with technologies you have a certification in, that is a plus to your position and your future fit at the company.

If the hiring manager gives an answer that is not adequate, try following up with a question about where they see the company headed in the next 10 years. If they still don’t have a great answer, that may be a red flag. As a tech pro, you are most likely interested in innovation and might want to focus on an organization that is more involved in evolving with the technology industry.

2. What will the typical working week be like? 

This question gives you a good indication of the daily responsibilities. It provides some insight on what the work/life balance looks like to them, the hours, and the commitment expected of you in the future position.  Having the answer to these questions will help you assess whether this will be a good fit for you and if the company culture aligns with your personal motivation and values.

Asking this can also give you an idea of the time frame employees typically stay at work. For instance, do they mention that it’s 9-5 or do they throw in that regular weekends might be expected? If their response doesn’t sound like something you’d be okay with, then it probably isn’t the right role for you.


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3. How might my responsibilities evolve in this position?

It’s always wise to ask a question that clues you into the career development and upward movement in the organization. As a candidate, you can gage the advancement you would have at the company and assess if they have sufficient opportunities to hire new employees in the future so you can have upward movement.

As a tech professional, it is important to keep advancing by taking on new tasks and challenges as they arise. If your potential career offers career growth, horizontally or vertically, you are in a good position to further your skillset and opportunities.

4. What do you love about working for this company?

This seems like a personal question, but the company culture can be a great indicator of how you will fit with the company. If the interviewer seem to be struggling to come up with a response, or have an answer that does not align with your ideal company culture, it might be a good idea to do some more research on company reviews from employees such as on Glassdoor. 

When preparing questions, make sure you spend the time thinking about what’s important to you and what factors might cause you to leave. Taking this into consideration can help both you and the interviewer assess if you’re a good fit for the role.

Need more recruitment tips? We’ve got you. Connect with a member of our recruitment team by emailing us at apply@skillstorm.com.  With our help, you’ll be prepared to ask pertinent questions and nail your next IT interview.

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