1 Min Read • March 5, 2020

Financial Delivery Centers


Our client is one of the largest financial institutions in the world. They serve approximately 66 million customers, with approximately 38 million digital customers. The client serves customers in the United States and approximately 35 countries.


The client, a global financial institution, has historically struggled with meeting space for the Agile/Scrum team of one large IT division.


SkillStorm worked closely with the client to provide the tech talent she needed for a crucial project. At one point in the process, the division manager worked onsite at the SkillStorm delivery center to meet a release date.


The client continues to use the SkillStorm delivery center for ‘sprint’ deadlines as well as 1 on 1 reviews, project kick offs, and team social events. She has become a fixture in the SkillStorm delivery centers.

"The SkillStorm delivery center has become an important part of my team’s ability to collaborate. The team’s ability to functionally partner has increased dramatically, and they have become closer. One of the most valuable outcomes is, we’ve been able to identify problems quicker and resolve them in a timely fashion." - SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT

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